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October 20 2016

Let's name this what it is: bullshit. Gender neutral isn't the same as opposing "the opposite gender stereotype on your child".

My argumentation:
1. The first two pictures are neutral. Why is a girl in an overall supposed to be "boyish"? Imagine that girl grows up, grows some nice boobs, turns out to be beautiful and works as a mechanic. Isn't that one of those pictures you sometimes see in movies, the picture of the sexy mechanic girl? I never ever saw that people are associating those movie characters as "cross dressers". But when you apply that to children you are "imposing the opposite sex" on your little snowflake. Bullshit!

2. The second picture is a boy wearing normal boyish associated clothing and wearing a pinkish sweater. Pink isn't a color of girls, blue isn't a color of boys. There seems to be phases of using one color for boys and another for girls and also phases where it was fully or partly reversed. (Source:
Secondly imagine that boy also grows up and
goes to the gym every second day all year,
maybe takes a good dose of steroids and stil has
this clothing preference. I don't think you would
want to pull that same joke on that guy, he could
break your neck. So when a boy isn't strong and is still weak, he is imposed something when he wears
a pink sweater? I mean when he doesn't like it, then yes that's true, but seeing just a picture of a boy wearing something which is associated with girls at our current time doesn't say anything about imposing or not imposing. There are picture where you can say that clearly, but this series of pictures aren't. Bullshit!

3. The third picture is a boy in a pink tutu. Looks more like that boy wanted be a ballet dancer and chose a pink tutu. And mother said: "okay honey" and fulfilled that little wish. You could interpret it also the other way. But from the picture you don't see it. Children aren't yours, they aren't your property. Imposing the gender of what they are supposed to be on them is also imposing. The way how you talk with them, how you interact with them is imposing YOUR world view on them. You can't interact with them without doing that, that's just impossible. It's on the same level as thinking that you can be neutral, without bias is also impossible. So, this is too bullshit

September 30 2016

Ingenieur = Steigbügelhalter

September 29 2016

Hass entsteht, wenn tiefe und lang andauernde Verletzungen nicht abgewehrt und/oder bestraft werden können. Hass ist somit eine Kombination aus Vernunft und Gefühl. Die Vernunft ruft nach dem Ende der Verletzung und nach einer Bestrafung des Quälenden.

(Quelle: )
— Wikipedia
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September 21 2016

"The Washington Post" should be a new synonym for asshole and/or douchebag.

September 14 2016

Enforcing the 4 freedoms of free software ensures, that something stays free. Why does Stallman be a dick about and being unable to explain it in non-douchebaggy terms?

Well, I guess first he is a socially retarded person, so he can't see his  problems of stating his cause. And even when he does, he doesn't know how to fix it or doesn't care.

Second point is that law is an asshole, the FSF would, I guess, love to have a short license, but because of law it can't and it still wants that the license actually counts something in court.

Btw. calling people who identify themselves as liberal but use a big "BUT" in their viewpoint isn't that self defying? And also not correct to call those people? Maybe but-ists is a nice term? So that they can have their own logo a nice but.

September 12 2016

The freelancer daycycle
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September 11 2016

Life basically just sucks, mostly. It seems like there has to be a better way; we can’t be meant to be miserable all the time. There has to be some ultimate purpose to existence.

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If you can let go of the grandiosity that leads you to imagine that some special task awaits you, and the false hope that getting enough of what you want would make life satisfactory, you can be useful and enjoy yourself.


September 09 2016

PHP benutzen um eine Webseite zu bauen ist wie wenn man sich im Winter anbrunst, damit es so schön warm wird.

August 29 2016


English will not be an official EU language after Brexit, says senior MEP

Could that mean that the babilonic battle of the languages are again open? Atleast in the EU just to differentiate themselves in opposition to Britain? Quote:

"The Commission has already started using French and German more often in its external communications, as a symbolic move after Britain voted to leave the EU last Thursday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, the president of the regional council of Tuscany, Eugenio Giani, called for Italian to become one of the official languages of the EU. “We have not defended … our language as we should have, both on the European continent and in the world,” Giani said following the British referendum result."

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August 28 2016


Excel: Problematisch in genetischen wissenchaftlichen Arbeiten

Ein netter Link zu Illustration von meinen Ressentiment gegenüber Office Software. Words, Open Office Suites & Co. dieser Welt sollen einfach aufhören zu existieren. Mir ist schleierhaft warum das Zeug existiert. Die Welt wäre eine bessere ohne schlechten Präsentationen, halbgaren Statistikdaten in Spreadsheets, schlechten UML Grafiken oder schlecht gesetzten Textdokumenten.

Und dafür steht der ganze Krempel, der sich Office Software nennt. Eine Verschwendung von Entwicklungszeit.

August 20 2016


August 19 2016


August 18 2016

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Over the range observed, the vegan diet eventually surpasses all but the lacto-vegetarian diet. These two diets are approximately equal when 92% of cropland is considered available for cultivation.

(Source: )

August 15 2016

Why does this chart matter at all? Is it even true?
Who really knows all about those philosophies/philosophers to say that they are fitting into these categories?

August 14 2016


July 26 2016

Ach geh... die wollen doch nur spielen.
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